Your privacy

As a board certified clinical social worker and psychoanalyst I am committed to protecting your privacy online. I do not collect personally identifiable information about individuals—such as names or email addresses—except when it is provided to me as a means of establishing contact. There are links to other websites on this Internet site, and this privacy policy cannot extend to these third-party links. By communicating with me via telephone or email, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Communication between patient and therapist in Washington state is held to be confidential, and protected by law. To better understand your rights as a recipient of mental health services, go to: www.doh.wa.gov 

Payment, Appointments, and Getting Started

Sessions last for fifty minutes. 

To begin treatment, we will meet for an assessment period, which typically extends over a few sessions. During the assessment I will gather information on your situation and the help you are seeking. At the conclusion of the assessment I will make a recommendation for services. If I am not able to offer you the most appropriate service, I will refer you to another service provider. 

Part of the assessment will include a discussion of fees, and a schedule for payment. Most usually, I set up a monthly billing for you, which is payable upon receipt. Many insurance policies will reimburse you for some portion of my services as an out of network provider. My decision to remain out of network is a further assurance of your privacy. I am sometimes able to offer a sliding scale.