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Whether you are a prospective or current patient or a colleague, this website contains an invitation to learn about psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in general, and the services I offer in particular. 

The emotional realm is the source of creativity and the seat of suffering. Psychoanalytic treatment, with its emphasis on an intimate partnership between patient and analyst, offers a means to reduce emotional suffering and enhance emotional growth. Its study offers a method for learning about the human mind. 

Psychoanalysis was begun by Sigmund Freud, and in the century since its inception has been elaborated, and at times radicalized by new thinking. Psychoanalytic knowledge is the foundation of all modern dynamic psychotherapies. Unlike other forms of therapy, the beneficial effects of psychoanalytically oriented treatment, once established, have been shown to keep developing, even after the conclusion of the work. 

In the following sections you will learn about psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, about my background and credentials for offering these services, and how best to contact me. I look forward to our conversation. 


Paintings by Isabel Blue; isabelblue.coM  

Photography by Alexander Blue, and Dana Blue

“There are things we can’t undo, but perhaps there is a kind of constructive remorse that could transform regrettable acts into something of service to life.”
— Gail Godwin, Flora (2013)


Dana, her affiliations and her preparation for offering these services.


Here is a lecture about psychoanalysis by one of America's best known analysts:


Here is an animated film, 3 minutes in length, about psychoanalysis:



Throughout this website, you will find links to published papers and other organizations that attempt to describe various aspects of the psychoanalytic endeavor. Given the complexity of the mind and its effort to make meaning, the best way to learn about psychoanalysis is to experience it.