‘‘I had the sense that we had this amazing tool,’’ Gerber said. ‘‘An analyst sits with a patient, and over the course of weeks, months, years, the person changes. It’s not just behavioral change. Something changes about the person’s structure — their psychic structure, their character structure. Their personality changes. Every therapist feels confident in that and says they know it when they see it, and every patient who has experienced it says to you: Something shifted inside me...’’
— Andrew J. Gerber, psychoanalyst and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. From New York Times Magazine, June 24, 2015


Psychoanalysis is the most intensive form of talk therapy. It is most appropriate for those suffering from longstanding difficulties that are not remedied by less extensive treatments. For many serious emotional problems, psychoanalysis is the optimal form of treatment.

A stable, durable analytic relationship typically lasts a number of years and involves four or five meetings a week, exclusively focused on your emotional life and its manifestations in the analytic work. This unique situation offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore unconscious conflicts of feeling, (such as love, hate, loss and grief) and universal emotional experiences (like birth, death and sexuality) in order to relieve persistent recurrent problems that mystify and cause suffering over prolonged periods. 

At its best, psychoanalysis offers both reworking of previously intractable problems and the integration of a capacity for thinking that is forward-reaching. Psychoanalytic treatment can truly change your mind.

Here is an article on the resurgence of psychoanalytic treatment. In a comparison of varied contemporary treatment methods, psychoanalysis shines. The search for meaning may also result in optimal treatment outcomes.


I am a board certified training and supervising psychoanalyst, and as such, am authorized to offer psychoanalysis to the general public as well as those in training to pursue analysis as a career.